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Cirencester - 14/15/16th July 2017


ENDURANCE GB Inter-Regional Team Championship at Cirencester.
The IR competition is organised by the HofE group.


Origins of the competition
The 2017 competition details

CER results
Inter Regional Team results

Cirencester stable list




Origins of the competition

Aims and objectives:

  1. To create teams with a balanced cross section of all members and participants from within the groups.
  2. To encourage participation from all ages and levels of experience.
  3. To introduce riding individuals to a team environment.
  4. To introduce individuals to the role of chef d’equipe.
  5. To produce a championship, which is a major event in the ride calendar.


The teams should ideally include juniors/young riders and para riders. TBYB & Pony Club are also encouraged.

This event will give riders at all levels, experience of competing within a team environment. They will be riding within a protected, secure competition where they can benefit from the support and encouragement of their Chef d'Equip and more experienced team members. Team training events should be encouraged by all the participating groups for maximum benefits. The Inter-Regional Championship also provides an opportunity for Selectors and Chef to see up and coming talent that can be encouraged to progress to home international and eventually international teams.

The 2017 competition

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The event will take place over two days.

A maximum of 12 horse/riders form a team. The same horse may not compete in more than one class. A maximum of two groups may combine to field a team.

The classes for the Inter-Regional Championship for 2017:

No. of riders Qualification Class Distance Type Day  
2 Advanced 15-17 80km CER Saturday *see note below
2 Open/Adv. 19 65km GER Saturday *see note below
2 Open/Adv. 29 80km (40+40) 2 Day
Saturday/Sunday *see note below
1 Open/Adv. 36 40km GER Sunday *see note below
1 Novice horse 37 40km NOV
Sunday *see note below
1 Novice rider & horse 39 30km NOV
Sunday *see note below
TBYP, PC are eligible
1 Novice horse 39 30km NOV GER Sunday *see note below


WILD CARD An additional 2 rider/horse combinations may be added to the above 10 combinations and used as a ‘Wild Card’ in any of the classes. Maximum of one wild card per team per class. Wild cards in the 80km CER, 65km GER and 40/40km GER will only score placing points if one or more of their other team members in that class fail to complete.

These horse/rider combinations must satisfy the EGB criteria and have been declared prior to vetting. Correctly qualified Junior, Young or Para riders may enter their appropriate classes.

The IR prefix and class number and group name, must be shown on your entry form and vet sheet.


All rider/horse combinations in IR-GER's are scored using the performance formula.
IR combinations are scored independently of any Cirencester PF class for IR calculations.
If a region does not utilise team places, for whatever reason, they score a zero for that horse/rider combination.
Wild cards in the 80km CER, 65km GER and 40/40km GER will only score placing points if one or more of their other team members in that class fail to complete.

The PF points are then translated into placing, e.g. 1st, 2nd etc. for each class.

Placings in every class are awarded points dependant on the entries in that class. e.g. If ten starters in a class then the winner will receive ten points, second nine points, third eight points etc. Entries in this case will be classed as those presenting to the pre ride vet inspection.

the CER will use the IR result placing and be awarded points as in the paragraph above.

Additionally to all the above, all IR entries will also score points as following:

  1. Each horse starting scores one point. ("starting" here is classed as crossing the start line at the commencement of that class).
  2. Each horse successfully completing its class (a pass on its mastercard) will receive one point.
  3. Each horse successfully completing its class will also be awarded one point for each 10km completed.

The points are then added for all classes and the team with the highest count wins.

Submission of entries:

It is important that Chef’s let the ride organiser and IR organisers know of their intention to send a team a.s.a.p. IR combinations (including wild cards) need to identify on their entry form that they are team members.

Postal entries – write the name of the team at the top.

Online entries – record team name in the comments box. Nearer the time, Chefs must e-mail complete team lists (including Wild Cards and Reserves) to Steve Bates.

All entries must be made in accordance with the ride close dates. A surcharge of £10 will be levied on late entries. Changes on the day in writing (and only in accordance with the EGB and IR competition rules) must be given to the IR organisers before vetting commences. Teams should be clearly recognisable with team-shirts or armbands. The competition result and the team placing will stand as announced at the IR prize giving.

To contact Steve Bates: steveb@heartofenglandegb.co.uk Tel: 07702038266 (before 9pm).

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Cirencester 2017 Results


Provisional Results        
  CER Distance:163km  
Class 11 Bib Horse Rider Place
  or2 Barik Miss Abigail Tennant 1st
  or1 Evermore Artistic Miss Carina Jane Kane 2nd
Class 14 CER Distance:101km  
  Bib Horse Rider Place
  or5 Mirjana Ms Gill Plumbley 1st
  or4 Vlacq Flint Accolade Mrs Heather Weston 2nd
  or6 Watibou Coutillas Ms Alex Tennant 3rd
  or8 Bha Sultan Mrs Linda Julie Cowperthwaite 4th
  CER Distance:82km  
Class 15 Bib Horse Rider Place
  or23 Golden Dream Miss Stephanie Cole 1
  or29 Treasured Moonbeam Mrs Karen Constance Jones 2
  or20 Warrens Hill Rubyn Miss Sarah L Rogerson 3
  or27 Mahbubti Miss Sally V Mcilwaine 4
  or17 Orlando Mrs Gaynor Jones 5
  or24 Firyuza Mrs Annette Hansford 6
  or25 Druimghigha Lantana Mrs Andrea H Champ 7
  or11 Bright Dawn Mrs Sue R Loveridge 8
  or19 Al Raad Bin Jesra Mrs Christine M Smyth 9
  or16 Moonshine Just The Business Ms Joanne Archer 10
  or15 Surplus To Requirements Miss Laura Graham 11
  or10 Maidendale Legacy Mrs Raylene Steptoe 12
Class 16 Bib Horse Rider Place
  or32 The Red Viscount Miss Emily Freya Cooke 1
  or30 Tannasg Psyches Grace Mster Ollie Holman 2
  or33 Doylan Lacoste's Gift Miss Alicia Reeves 3
  or31 Krayaan Nasser Miss Katy Mellor 4
Class 17 Bib Horse Rider Place
  or41 Firebird Ms Lesley Diane Nott 1
  or36 Ben Shah Miss Rachel Judson 2
  or37 Oakleaze Farm Cziko Miss Louise Rich 3
  or40 Dilmun Mrs Annie Catherine Joppe 4
  or38 Sea Emerald Dr Annette Longland 5
  or35 C S Corinthian Miss Claire Richards 6


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Cirencester 2017 - Inter Regional Team Results


Class 15-17   IR 80km CER      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Placing Result  
Wex Or27 Sally V Mcilwaine Mahbubti 1  
NW Or31 Katy Mellor Krayaan Nasser 2  
Crom Or30 Ollie Holman Tannasg Psyches Grace 3  
NW Or17 Gaynor Jones Orlando 4  
SE Or19 Christine Smythe Al Raad bint Jesra 5  
SW Or41 Lesley Diane Nott Firebird 6  
SW Or40 Annie Joppe Dilmun 7  
Wex Or35 Claire Richards C S Corinthian 8  
Cot Or15 Laura Graham Surplus to Requirements 9  
Cot Or10 Raylene Steptoe Maidendale Legacy 10  
Class 19 65km GER PF      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Placing Result P/F
Wex 10 Alison House Aberllwyd Briar Rose 1 50.03
SE 11 Gail Jupp WLA Elektra 2 35.37
NW 20 Sally E Mellor Lateef Bin Krayaan 3 30.60
Cot 7 Sarah Lincoln Royal Marque 4 30.59
SW 27 Joanna Sally Chisholm Roe Atheer 5 28.19
NW 14 Alix Nattrass Bodis Panache 6 28.00
SW 22 Saffron Bishop Tylands Froley 7 26.62
HoE 16 Adele Roulston-Bates Little Kira 8 24.12
MidS 12 Alison Robinson Eight Acres Kismet 9 24.04
HoE 15 Kimberleigh Roulston-Bates Va Milotkha 10 22.73
MidS 21 Alice Denham Archways Lovada Ada 11 22.00
SE 13 Charlotte Purkis SG Haneesh 12 21.93
Class 29 40-40k 2 day GER PF      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Result Placing P/F
SE 64 Katie Bedwin Penhwnllys Samala de Mons 1 46.31
MidS 57 Simon Richardson Jjohara R 2 40.64
SW 52 Tanya Southworth Ac Latifa Amirah 3 38.37
SW 60 Nicky Sherry Jameela Johara 4 38.01
SE 63 Jessica Sedgwick Good Morgan 5 35.77
MidS 68 Frances G Brayford Razzle And Role 6 35.19
NW 56 Anna M Collins Karactacus Potts 7 33.88
Crom 50 Jo Mccormac Clonlaras Dubh 8 33.70
Crom 69 Susan Cox Eden El Nyhl 9 29.78
NW 62 Karen Corr Delfyw Squwiggle 10 27.12
Class 36 40km open/adv GER PF      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Result P/F
Crom 77 Lisa Heyworth Kilteeven Ginger Mist 1 53.25
SW 85 Freya Gallichan Cotswolds Amirah 2 44.20
Wex 75 Stephanie Cole Diving Belle 3 38.73
NW 74 Jill Thorburn Leesview Tobias 4 37.99
MidS 69 Annabelle Lyndon Glenives Celebration 5 33.80
Cot 71 Angela Percival CF Bluebell 6 32.61
SE 95 Hannah Sedgwick Carrowkeel Storm 7 28.23
Class 37 40km Novice Horse GER PF      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Result P/F
HoE 103 Mrs Ann Raymont Spilsbury Cassidy Kid 1 50.64
Wex 89 Sarah Davenport Sam's Magician 2 49.16
MidS 108 Elizabeth Rowland Baijan 3 46.86
SE 98 Lorraine Sheerin Kingates Gold 4 42.73
NW 97 Tania Fitton Ltf Jjewell C 5 38.28
SW 104 Miss Abigail Chisholm Mellway Royalblue Diamond 6 35.90
Cot 90 Karen Greig GFS Te Amo 7 35.61
Crom 112 Rebecca Parsler Yethersgill Taliesin 8 34.00
Class 39a 32km Novice Horse & Rider GER PF      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Result P/F
Crom 148 Rebecca Pumphrey Capewell Winged Firestar 1 40.07
Cot 141 Rachael Spinks Bellaboolou 2 34.39
SW 140 Natalie Tindall Darees 3 31.75
NW 142 Miss Sophie Rose Pickard Elfine 4 30.81
SE 132 Sarah Mitchell Juston Lagdon Lane 5 30.15
MidS 156  Claire Horsfield Amber Khana 6 27.02
Wex 135 Mrs Katie Gardner Maluka Twi'Lik 7 25.58
Class 39a 32km Novice Horse GER PF      
Region Rider No Rider Horse IR Result P/F
HoE 151 Katherine Bertram Annia Aurelia 1 34.34
Crom 143 Gill Hensley Herbert Sherbert 2 33.03
NW 146 Kimberley Lord La Mi Khayal 3 30.81
SE 129 Caroline Long Twilight Lullabye 4 30.15
MidS 137 Abbie Gant Bertie IV 5 28.31
SW 155 Kirst Wiscombe Yawl Hill Big Yin 6 26.88
Wex 134 Debbie J Tinklin Maluka Leia Organa 7 20.39
Region Points Total
North West 186
South West 175
South East 159
Wessex 128
Mid South 118
Cromwell 109
Cotswolds 97
Heart of England 64


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Cirencester Stable List


Please find listed below a selection of some of the livery yards based locally to Cirencester Park. Please note that EGB does not endorse any of the stables referred to on this list, and riders are responsible for making the relevant enquiries to satisfy themselves as to the safety, suitability and cost of any of the listed stables. Whilst EGB attempts to ensure that the details referred to in this list are correct, it accepts no liability that may arise as a consequence of any data that may be out of date or incorrect. For a list of BHS approved livery yards in Gloucestershire, please visit www.bhs.org.uk.


Royal Agricultural University Farms, Fosse Hill Farm, Coates, Cirencester GL7 6NX
01285 770975
07999 542277
www.rau.ac.uk fossehill@rau.ac.uk
Hunting "bed and breakfast" facility.


Burnt Ash Farm, Cirencester Road, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 8PD
01453 882266


Calmsden Events Ltd., Ampney Down Farm, Stow Road, Cirencester GL7 5EU
01285 654026


Cerney Equestrian Centre, Cirencester Road, South Cerney Gloucestershire GL7 6HU
01285 869003


Church Farm, Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire
01285 770862
07778 945463


Greenhill Equitation Centre, Lower End, Daglingworth, Cirencester GL7 7AH
01285 644982


H & B Equestrian, Overley Stables, Daglingworth, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 7HX 07801 839613 or 07557 513962


Horseplay Central, Top Barn, Crabtree Lane, Duntisbourne Leer, Gloucestershire GL7 7AS
01285 821327
079341 80532


Jenna Jewitt Equestrian Services, 5 Rectory Farm, Duntisbourne Abbots, Cirencester GL7 7JW 07766 167335


Marsden Manor, Rendcomb, Cirencester GL7 7EX
07711 890420


Marston Hill Farm, Meysey Hampton, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 5LG
01285 712241


Plummers Farm, Siddington, Cirencester GL7 6BD
01285 869481
07867 786607


Rookery Stables, Hankerton, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9JZ
01666 577522
07767 788360


Talland School of Equitation, Dairy Farm, Ampney Knowle, Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5ED
01285 740155


Dell Farm, Painswick, Gloucestershire GL6 6SQ
07766 086993


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